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We provide you one hour where we learn about your project and discuss with you the results for $200. 

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Through one-on-one sessions we learn about your idea, needs, business plan and unique circumstance. Based on your network and the funding amount, we determine if crowdfunding is right for you. If not we will suggest alternative way of funding. 



Based on your industry, cash flows, debt leverage, and valuation we determine what is the best type of crowdfunding. We pick from over 700 Crowdfunding sites from reward types like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe to more specified lending platforms like LendingClub for quick loans, or angel investing sites such as Seedinvest.



We'll connect you with crowdfunding experts who are validated by us. These professionals can help you with campaign building, making a video, and marketing. All the parts that are needed in making sure that your project is successful. 


Game Plan

Create a launch game plan customized just for you with suggestions of building a crowd around your idea, creating a campaign, and marketing it.  Based on the research of how similar projects to yours perform we adjust the campaign building process.

CrowdsUnite is a site dedicated to helping you find the best fundraising website for your goal and connect you with the right people to get the job done. We are the ultimate resource for all your crowdfunding needs and the largest crowfunding review website in the world. 

Alex Feldman, CEO of CrowdsUnite,  brings transparency and expertise to the Crowdfunding world. Alex runs a monthly crowdfunding meetup with over 700 members in NYC, has taught numerous workshops about crowdfunding, worked with government agencies and has been featured in the January addition of Entrepreneur Magazine. His writings about crowdfunding were published on major websites like and Crowdfund Insider. He has crowdfunded himself through the UpStart platform.

About Us

“I want to thank CrowdsUnite and especially Alex Feldman for spending so much time in learning about our businesses to find the best way to raise money for us. He helped us with all the steps of the funding process and introduced us with great contacts. The help was invaluable"


Alfred Pena
Founder & CEO, Rhythmology

Copyright 2014 CrowdsUnite

Jeff Huston
CEO, Pet Power Products

Alex did a great job of helping us sort through the maze of marketplace options. Our phone conversations were engaging, frank, and full of insight. Thanks for the help Alex."

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